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3. Princess Peach

I’m not sure where I got the inspiration to do these nails. Recently I’ve been hooked to the Doctor Who -series from BBC and I’ve already watched two seasons of it, although I started only couple of days ago. Well, doubt that my inspiration didn’t come from Doctor Who, unless he enjoys knitting lace or eating peaches.

As always, I used Sally Hansen’s Diamond Shine as the base & top coat. I wanted to try out my O.P.I Hands Off My Kielbasa!, because I bought it couple of months ago and have never tried it, although I adore it. I wanted to do an accent nail with Perfect Sand Lacquer, because they both share the same peachy color.


As decoration, I stamped lace-patterns to the lower part of my nails with a white, matte nail polish. 🙂

Now, when I look the pictures of these nails, they somehow remind me of Princess Peach from the Super Mario games ^^ They would look quite cute on her!

– Neridan