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4. Space Suede

I had a bad feeling about this day.

Today, I had my Finnish matriculation examination (suom. YO-koe), and due to my laziness and the temptations like Doctor Who, SWTOR, and nailpolish, I hadn’t prepared very well. I thought it wouldn’t be necessary, because I planned to write an essay where the only guideline was the given headline or topic. So I didn’t practice my analyzing skills on different materials like poems and novels.. Well, when I got the exam paper in front of me I noticed that it was a mistake.. The topics were quite rubbish, and I didn’t have much to say about them. I ended up writing about “how our bodies have become our hobbies”.ย ย Well, I hope that I got even few pages of good stuff there ๐Ÿ˜€ But I’ll wait and see…


As sort of comfort I decided to paint some nails! ^^ Always makes me forget my worries (or creates new ones, if I got a bad polish or the stamping fails :D) I decided to useย W7 Night Suedeย nailpolish. It’s a grayish polish with a suede effect, and IMO it feels so wonderfully soft when on the nail :3 Only negative thing I have to say about this polish that it gives me sometimes problems when applying it to the nail – if you don’t got enough polish on your brush (and you actually need it quite much) it will leave bumps and dents in it’s wake. So it requires a lot of polish every layer, but luckily I had to put it only two layers onto the nail.

To two of my nails I usedย Rimmel’sย purpleย Space dust “Moon Walking”.ย I love it’s texture and it’s really easy to apply and remove.

I added little decorations using matte silver nail polish and ย Konad’s stamping plateย m63.ย It’s one of my favorite pattern’s and I like it how you don’t have to even break a sweat, when trying to stamp it. There are so many patterns that won’t grip properly to my current stamper. Got to get a new one, fast!

I made the finishing touches to the gray nails with matte top coat, to keep the texture a little bit different than usual ๐Ÿ™‚


– Neridan