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15. Trough a Sunrise to a Sunset

I’ve been planning these nails for a while now and finally managed to decide which polishes to use. I got the inspiration from Bundlemonsters plate 414 where there’s a image of a skyscraper silhouette. It got me thinking of a sun rising and setting behind it. All the polishes were from Wet n Wild; 

Morning sun: Orange

 The day: Blue Wants to Be a Millionaire

Setting sun: Hannah Pinktana

The nightfall: Teal of Fortune


I was not sure what to do with the thumb nails; paint it black as the darkest night, or something else. Then I got the idea to make a ombre with all the colors for the other nails and stamp the building there also 🙂 So, you can see the outcome in the pictures! Hope you like it 🙂


– Neridan


14. Fiery Ombre

At Monday, I noticed that it is dangerous for me to go anywhere near places that sell polishes. Or at least for my wallet. I visited Oulu and traveled back home with a bag full of shiny goods that I found. I almost jumped and cried with joy when I saw the wonderful Nails polishes were on sale at Seppälä. Only 2 euros per bottle! ❤ I also got a nail decoration kit with some holographic glitter polish, skittlettes and nail glitter. And because it’s Spring and the sun has started to brighten up the days, I had to by a spring polish; Peach Nectar from Isadora. It’s so cute and I love liquid sand polishes.

But to my newest nails. I decided to do something very colorful with my new red Nails polish and my old orange one. So ombre time!


I really like how they turned out, the pattern from Bundlemonsters plate number 403 matching quite nicely the ombre base. The strong black created a good contrast with the fiery colors beneath it.

I still have a little bit too many problems with waiting patiently for my polish to dry… As you maybe can see in the pictures, it isn’t the cleanest result. Also, it was very difficult to place the patterns in the right place by stamping, so after couple of failed attempts, I decided to make stamper decals out of the pattern so I would have more time and possibilities to be careful.


Also, got great news today; the stamping plates that I ordered while ago had arrived to Finland. :3 They are in Oulu now so maybe I’ll pick up them at Friday or so.. Can’t wait to get my hands on them !

– Neridan

5. The Sapphire

Oh well, another nails, again… 😀 Third ones this week, but I couldn’t resist. One reason is probably that I want to keep my mind fixated on something else than my English matriculation exam on Friday. The other is that I’ve gotten a little bit too excited about blogging and Instagram, so I keep getting new and new ideas.. But back to the business


This time I wanted to try doing ombre nails. I had couple of failed tries because I wasn’t pleased with the color combinations. But there was one polish that caught my eye. It was Petrol from Gina Tricot. I applied it to the tip of my nails with a make-up sponge. I liked it’s texture; it required only two layers.



Then I prettified it a bit with Isadora’s Funky Sapphire and couple of Wild & Mild’s 3D Design Nail Stickers. Not sure if it’s a bit too much but what is done, is done. ^_^ I still love the way the Funky Sapphire shines in the light ❤ But I have a little l problem with the stickers, because the’re “3D” – I’m constantly picking them and trying to rip them of 😀 It takes my every inch of self-discipline to resist. I hope they’ll last a few days.. The base & top coat are from Sally Hansen, again.

 – Neridan