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21. Red’s The Way I Like It ♥

Hi all! I not been posting here for a while, because while the spring has arrived to my neighborhood it has brought my horrible allergies with it. My past days have been spent in the comfort of my own bed, hiding from all the evil trees that make me sneeze the hell out me. 😀

But, I’m starting to feel better, and I’m totally enjoying it. I got rid of my old winter hair, and changed the black locks to bright red curls that I just adore. Everyone who has had red hair while standing in the sunlight might understand 😛

I also got my Sassy-Nation-Bodysuit from Blackmilk Clothing and oh-my-god it is amazing! If anyone has doubted if it would be worth it to order it, I can say it definitely is. It became instantly one of my favorite pieces of clothing!


But now to the real business which is nails!


I wanted to do something that would match my new hair, so I used red holographic polish Sleigh Me from Liquid Sky. It truly is a perfect polish. It is so beautiful and it combines my 2 favorite qualities of nail polishes; holo + redness ! :3

Then I stamped it with black flower lace pattern, from one of my sisters plates. It is plate from Emily De Molly (number 01)

Then I finished the design with clear rhinestones. 🙂

– Neridan



20. Diamonds Are Girls Best Friend

I’ve been recently spending my time in the lovely spring of the southern Finland (Helsinki & Porvoo). I had amazing time there, but with only 1 minus – I’ve haven’t been able to do my nails in over a week. The cracking polish and ugly nails almost drove me crazy. But now I’m home and I’ve spoiled my nails with lots of care and brand new nail art. ❤

Naturally, I did a little bit shopping while visiting our dear capital. I visited Cesarsshops little store and few polishes wanted to accompany me to my home. :3 Lately, I’ve been drooling over Color Clubs holographic polishes, because summer is coming and holos just look so great in sunlight. So, here’s something that I came up with my new Color Clubs: Beyond & Harp On It



I really had no idea what should I do when I started to paint the base with Beoynd. Then, I decided to go with the first stamping plate that my hand would reach from my drawer. And I definitely had luck with me, because the moment I saw the diamond pattern on Bundlemonsters plate 422, I knew that it would fit the design perfectly. What do diamonds and holographic polishes have in common? Maybe not the price, but definitely the shine and sparkle. Harp On It was a perfect polish to do the pattern with.


The diamond design with my favorite pendant ❤

And to add even more sparkle, I used Northern Lights from Inm as the top coat. ❤

Diamonds 3

– Neridan

5. The Sapphire

Oh well, another nails, again… 😀 Third ones this week, but I couldn’t resist. One reason is probably that I want to keep my mind fixated on something else than my English matriculation exam on Friday. The other is that I’ve gotten a little bit too excited about blogging and Instagram, so I keep getting new and new ideas.. But back to the business


This time I wanted to try doing ombre nails. I had couple of failed tries because I wasn’t pleased with the color combinations. But there was one polish that caught my eye. It was Petrol from Gina Tricot. I applied it to the tip of my nails with a make-up sponge. I liked it’s texture; it required only two layers.



Then I prettified it a bit with Isadora’s Funky Sapphire and couple of Wild & Mild’s 3D Design Nail Stickers. Not sure if it’s a bit too much but what is done, is done. ^_^ I still love the way the Funky Sapphire shines in the light ❤ But I have a little l problem with the stickers, because the’re “3D” – I’m constantly picking them and trying to rip them of 😀 It takes my every inch of self-discipline to resist. I hope they’ll last a few days.. The base & top coat are from Sally Hansen, again.

 – Neridan