14. Fiery Ombre

At Monday, I noticed that it is dangerous for me to go anywhere near places that sell polishes. Or at least for my wallet. I visited Oulu and traveled back home with a bag full of shiny goods that I found. I almost jumped and cried with joy when I saw the wonderful Nails polishes were on sale at Seppälä. Only 2 euros per bottle! ❤ I also got a nail decoration kit with some holographic glitter polish, skittlettes and nail glitter. And because it’s Spring and the sun has started to brighten up the days, I had to by a spring polish; Peach Nectar from Isadora. It’s so cute and I love liquid sand polishes.

But to my newest nails. I decided to do something very colorful with my new red Nails polish and my old orange one. So ombre time!


I really like how they turned out, the pattern from Bundlemonsters plate number 403 matching quite nicely the ombre base. The strong black created a good contrast with the fiery colors beneath it.

I still have a little bit too many problems with waiting patiently for my polish to dry… As you maybe can see in the pictures, it isn’t the cleanest result. Also, it was very difficult to place the patterns in the right place by stamping, so after couple of failed attempts, I decided to make stamper decals out of the pattern so I would have more time and possibilities to be careful.


Also, got great news today; the stamping plates that I ordered while ago had arrived to Finland. :3 They are in Oulu now so maybe I’ll pick up them at Friday or so.. Can’t wait to get my hands on them !

– Neridan


13. Matte Coral

I’ve had a hard time to come up with good ideas for the weekly challenges from the “Lakkaushaaste” group in Facebook. I have started to make so many nails but stopped always in the halfway because they just were not working for me. But today I started to reshape my nails because the last shape was so vulnerable, often breaking when the length reached certain point. So I took out my nail file and got rid of the round shape of the tips ^^. My nails are still bit short for this but I think I’ll love them when they grow a little bit to this shape.

Ah, and then I also had to paint them! The challenge this week was to do matte nails, so I used Coral Prosilk Matt Effect nail enamel. Then I saw my Konad m73 and thought the square pattern could match cutely with the coral color. 🙂 So here you go:


The pattern on my thumb failed a bit because it was still a bit wet when I applied the top coat.. But it had failed about five times already because I’m so terrible at not doing anything while my nails dry. Should seriously consider the quick dry top coat. 😀


– Neridan

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12. Saint George

After completely ruining my last nails by going to sleep before the polish had completely dried, I hit a series of failed attempts to take part in this weeks polishing challenge which was to do wrap nails. I tried and tried but only to notice that me and wrap nails don’t get along. At all. The results were just horrible. Never again.

So in my agony I dug up my new A-England Saint George to seek some comfort from it’s beautiful depths. And it definitely cheered me up. These polishes have been a dream to polish with, covering the nail almost with the first layer and preserving the color they have in the bottle.


To protect the nails, I used my sisters quick dry top coat Northern Lights by Inm. It. Was. Gorgeous. ❤ I have to find it somewhere and buy it ! It was the most beautiful holographic glitter topcoat I’ve ever seen. And it worked perfectly with Saint George. 

Although the nails were simple and beautiful as they were, I had to do some stamping. I stamped the pattern from Konads plate numer m63 with silver matte polish.


 – Neridan

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11. Dragon

So, it’s finally time to introduce nail art made with one of my longtime favorite polishes. It’s name is Dragon and it’s from A-Englands collection The Legend. I’ve spent countless of hours viewing pictures of it and dreaming of the day I would have it on my nails.  And after my visit to Cesarsshop, it was finally here ❤ Almost straight away I started to look for a stamping plate pattern that resembles dragon scales, and found it from Bundlemonsters plate number 410.69575_767978786553512_405819276_n

I can say that my expectations were not too high! I just can’t get my eyes of these nails. This polish is the prettiest thing I’ve seen in a while. (at least until I’ll try Saint George). It was also top quality, required only two layers to reach its smooth and beautiful gorgeousness.  This was love at the first sight.1149050_767978919886832_1390473779_n

– Neridan

Ah, I’m finally home from my little vacation to the south. It’s nice to be back, although I had lots of fun seeing my old friends and shopping. I arrived to Helsinki last Thursday, and headed almost right away to CesarsShop, a heaven made for nail artists. The walls were covered with nail polishes and stamping plates, and I just wanted to stay there forever. I have never been in an actual nail accessory store, and the range of different polishes blew my mind. I drooled over the A-England shelf, because I’ve long dreamed of ordering those polishes, and couldn’t resist anymore. Also, Color Club being one of my favorite polish makers, I had to grab few polishes from them also.

The polishes I bought were Saint George and Dragon from A-England, and Gift of Sparkle and Wild and Willing from Color Club. I also bought two stampers, one soft and one hard. My old stamper has seen too many days and I think it was time for new one. I just couldn’t decide which one would be better so I took them both.

After Thursday, I visited Stage 142 (check out my last post for more details ^^) and then went back to Helsinki. I hang out with couple of my friend and went to see Frozen, the newest animation from Disney. I know that it has been out a long while, but I haven’t had anyone to go and watch it with me until now. And it was totally LE-GEN-DA-RY. Best animation I’ve ever seen and I’m and Disney enthusiast, so that’s a lot. The songs and the plot were brilliant and I’m never going to get Let It Go out of my head 😀 Maybe somewhere in the future I’ll do Frozen nails, although it has been quite a popular subject in nail blogs these days…
So, back to the polishes I bought. Or more precisely to Gift of Sparkle. I tried it out yesterday and it was as gorgeous on nail as it was in the bottle. It truly lives up to it’s name and sparkles so beautifully in the sunlight. ❤ But you have to combine it with a black base to get good results, by itself it takes too many layers to cover the nail properly. Also, you need a good top coat to make it come truly alive. More info about the other polishes coming soon 🙂
– Neridan

9. Lan-party time!

I’m spent my weekend at a Lan-party named Stage 142 in Jyväskylä with a couple of my friends. For those who don’t know what does one do at a lan-party, they’re purpose is to gather people who share similar interests to play, compete and spend a great time together. I myself played mainly Starcraft 2 and Dota 2. 

So, now to my nails. This time the challenge from Lakkaushaaste was to make nails that feature the color silver. So that and the theme of the weekend in mind, I took out my silver matte polish and Bundlemonsters plate number 415.


I had so little time to put to these nails, so the stamping isn’t as perfect as it should be. But because I had to wake up at 5 am. next morning and the clock was already around 12 pm., I had to rush these a bit. I didn’t even use a topcoat (which was not a smart decision because the pattern has already vanished from my nails by now). But maybe I’ll try to do these again someday with a little bit more carefully. 🙂

Now, I shall go to sleep. (Haven’t had almost any in the whole weekend :D)

– Neridan

8. Silvery drops

So, I was trying to come up with an idea for this weeks challenge from Lakkaushaaste, but my mind was totally blank. The guideline was to use silver in your nail design. But after a ton of failed attempts, I decided to do something else. I’ve been aching to paint nails that show the natural color at the bottom, but the tips are colored with something. I my mind, Gina Tricots Alexis made an awesome combo with black  tips and some simple silver-colored pattern. And they did that on my nails too. :3


I’m not sure why I’m so overly the top fond of these nails. They somehow just look so beautiful in the light and fit my style perfectly ^_^ The pattern was a success and it looks like a silvery snow flakes or drops of rain on the surface. It’s sad that they don’t look as good as goon in the pictures as they do in the nature. The camera makes the surface to look somewhat bumpy and messy, but IRL it is really smooth.


The red Alexis – polish is one of my favorites ATM.  The color combination with light red and a little spray of gold among it is something that caught my eye the second I saw it.

And of course, the pattern is from Bundlemonster plate 404 ❤ It didn’t look so captivating on the plate but when you put it in the right design, it totally lights up. ^_^


Sorry for the crappy pictures this time, these nails didn’t handle the light so well.. I’m dreaming of buying a good lamp, so I could make justice to the colors the polishes have.. ATM many of them lose their something when being photographed in the light of my current lamp :/

– Neridan