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19. Bold & Beautiful

In this weeks ”Lakkaushaaste”, the challenge was to make really bold nails that would stand out from a crowd. I’m not very good in such designs, so my boyfriend suggested that I’d make a water marble design with some psychedelic colors.

water marble

I tried out some polishes but they didn’t really work well with the water so I took those who worked and went with it.

I used Summer Neon from Wild and Crazy as a base, and a red polish also from them, wet n wilds Glowstick from their Fergie collection and neon yellow from from Flormar for the water marble.

Then I stamped it with black Konad polish and a pattern from my new XL plate.  It turned out quite nice in my mind. Hope you like them too! : )

water marble2

– Neridan


15. Trough a Sunrise to a Sunset

I’ve been planning these nails for a while now and finally managed to decide which polishes to use. I got the inspiration from Bundlemonsters plate 414 where there’s a image of a skyscraper silhouette. It got me thinking of a sun rising and setting behind it. All the polishes were from Wet n Wild; 

Morning sun: Orange

 The day: Blue Wants to Be a Millionaire

Setting sun: Hannah Pinktana

The nightfall: Teal of Fortune


I was not sure what to do with the thumb nails; paint it black as the darkest night, or something else. Then I got the idea to make a ombre with all the colors for the other nails and stamp the building there also 🙂 So, you can see the outcome in the pictures! Hope you like it 🙂


– Neridan

7. Stamper decals

I couldn’t stop myself when I was watching pictures of nails that had been done by using stamper decals. I fell in love in instantly ! The process is simple and much easier than I had expected. The results looked too good to be that easy 😀 Even I succeeded at the first time I tried it.

Here is an excellent guide how to use the technique:

It helped me a lot, so go and check it out if you haven’t tried this before ! 🙂


I started by selecting the plate, and I ended up with the triangle pattern from Bundlemonsters 414. It seemed a good option to try this technique because of all the “empty parts” it has. I filled the parts with green and gold polishes, Wet n wilds  Sage in the City & Gold Album (from the Fergie collection) and Ho-ho-holly from Color Club. First, I painted my nails black to get a good surface for the decal. Then it was the moment of truth – trying to place it without ruining it. It went quite well, the hardest part was to try to clean my cuticles without damaging the pattern. This will definitely be a technique for more frequent use for me ! :3


To my other nails I used Nfu.Oh 39. I bought it from my sister a while ago, but have been drooling over it for ages. Flakies are definitely my weak spot :3

– Neridan

6. Everything Fades To Gray

“Colors last a lifetime ´n fade to gray…”

It’s time for the weekly nail polishing challenge entry from “Lakkaushaaste”. 🙂 This week we had to find inspiration from something we have heard – music, nature etc. It was so hard just to choose one song!  The ideas were streaming constantly to my head as I searched my music library. “I could do this! And that! And that and that!”

Finally I found a song that gave me the idea for these nails. It was Everything Fades To Gray from Sonata Arctica. I pictured ombre nails that faded from their colorful base to plain a gray color in my head. So I dug out my polishes and began working


First I put matte white polish to my nails, so that the colors would be more intensive. Then I used my basic makeup sponge to apply the colorful & gray polishes. Luckily I had chosen polishes of good quality, so the colors became smooth and clear after only couple of layers.

They still looked a bit naked, so I added a black pattern from Bundlemonsters plate 201. I expected it to fail miserably because the pattern was quite detailed, but against the odds it succeeded well (apart from the first stamping to my little finger that’s somewhat messy).


ImagePolishes I used:

  • Blue: w7 – Blue – Tini
  • Purple: O.P.I – Suzi & The 7 Düsseldorfs
  • Red: Wild & Mild – Primadonna
  • Orange: Orange Nails polish from Seppälä
  • Green: wet n wild – Sage in the City
  • Gray: Coral Prosilk – Matt Effect NO 407
  • Black: stamping polish from Konad
  • Base & Top coat: Sally Hansen – Diamond Shine

– Neridan