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18. Something Sweet

I’ve been drooling over and swatching my LynB Designs polishes that I ordered a while ago and I have to say that I’m in love. Can’t wait to make nailart with these. :3


But now to my current nails. Last night I was craving for those little sweets that a pastel colored and filled with chocolate (can’t seriously remember the name), so when they were out of my reach I ended up making a nail design that resembles them.

I did a water marble design, using Sorbet So Good from Rimmel and Can’t Find My Czechbook from O.P.I. First I did what I think is the most common pattern among water marble nails, but they didn’t quite please my eye. So I tried again using water marble stripes, after finding a nice tutorial on Youtube.  (Quick tip! If you don’t have a stick to use to make the patterns to the water marble desing, check your kitchen for some spaghetti. Doesn’t cost much and fulfills its purpose. :D)


I really like how they turned out, and if I would do them again, the only correction would be that I wouldn’t use white base under the water marbles. The light pink Sorbet So Good would have been a better surface to bring out the light pink color more clearly. But overall, these are really sweet nails that make me want to eat them of my hands 😀 The polishes I used behaved nicely with water so there weren’t any major problems during the process. ^^

– Neridan


16. Sakura

Spring time is here ! 🙂 The Lakkaushaaste group had a challenge this week to make nails that resemble spring somehow. So, when my new Sugar Bubbles plates arrived in the mail, the Japanese styled plate gave me an idea to paint cherry blossoms (=Sakura) on my nails.

These really turned out well, and are probably my favorites from the nails I’ve made so far 🙂 First, I used white Matte nail polish from Seppälä and then painted it over with China Glazes Dandy lyin’ around. The reason why I did that, is because the China is a bit too transparent to be used by itself, so with a good strong white under it, it only needed 1 layer to look good.


Then I started making the stamper decals from the Sugar Bubbles plate – I wanted to give the flowers a bit color so I decided that just stamping wasn’t enough. I bought a rose-colored polish from Rimmel just for the occasion, because I really don’t own any light pink colors. Maybe when the summer nears, I’ll by some :3 And also, that the nails wouldn’t be boring, I made a different kind of decal to my ring finger nail. It is a really pretty picture of a geisha sitting by a river and reading a scroll. To color it, I used the same rose polish that I used for the blossoms, Gray Day from Models Own and Can’t Find My Czechbook from O.P.I.

I hope you like these as much as I do! ^^


6. Everything Fades To Gray

“Colors last a lifetime ´n fade to gray…”

It’s time for the weekly nail polishing challenge entry from “Lakkaushaaste”. 🙂 This week we had to find inspiration from something we have heard – music, nature etc. It was so hard just to choose one song!  The ideas were streaming constantly to my head as I searched my music library. “I could do this! And that! And that and that!”

Finally I found a song that gave me the idea for these nails. It was Everything Fades To Gray from Sonata Arctica. I pictured ombre nails that faded from their colorful base to plain a gray color in my head. So I dug out my polishes and began working


First I put matte white polish to my nails, so that the colors would be more intensive. Then I used my basic makeup sponge to apply the colorful & gray polishes. Luckily I had chosen polishes of good quality, so the colors became smooth and clear after only couple of layers.

They still looked a bit naked, so I added a black pattern from Bundlemonsters plate 201. I expected it to fail miserably because the pattern was quite detailed, but against the odds it succeeded well (apart from the first stamping to my little finger that’s somewhat messy).


ImagePolishes I used:

  • Blue: w7 – Blue – Tini
  • Purple: O.P.I – Suzi & The 7 Düsseldorfs
  • Red: Wild & Mild – Primadonna
  • Orange: Orange Nails polish from Seppälä
  • Green: wet n wild – Sage in the City
  • Gray: Coral Prosilk – Matt Effect NO 407
  • Black: stamping polish from Konad
  • Base & Top coat: Sally Hansen – Diamond Shine

– Neridan

3. Princess Peach

I’m not sure where I got the inspiration to do these nails. Recently I’ve been hooked to the Doctor Who -series from BBC and I’ve already watched two seasons of it, although I started only couple of days ago. Well, doubt that my inspiration didn’t come from Doctor Who, unless he enjoys knitting lace or eating peaches.

As always, I used Sally Hansen’s Diamond Shine as the base & top coat. I wanted to try out my O.P.I Hands Off My Kielbasa!, because I bought it couple of months ago and have never tried it, although I adore it. I wanted to do an accent nail with Perfect Sand Lacquer, because they both share the same peachy color.


As decoration, I stamped lace-patterns to the lower part of my nails with a white, matte nail polish. 🙂

Now, when I look the pictures of these nails, they somehow remind me of Princess Peach from the Super Mario games ^^ They would look quite cute on her!

– Neridan