13. Matte Coral

I’ve had a hard time to come up with good ideas for the weekly challenges from the “Lakkaushaaste” group in Facebook. I have started to make so many nails but stopped always in the halfway because they just were not working for me. But today I started to reshape my nails because the last shape was so vulnerable, often breaking when the length reached certain point. So I took out my nail file and got rid of the round shape of the tips ^^. My nails are still bit short for this but I think I’ll love them when they grow a little bit to this shape.

Ah, and then I also had to paint them! The challenge this week was to do matte nails, so I used Coral Prosilk Matt Effect nail enamel. Then I saw my Konad m73 and thought the square pattern could match cutely with the coral color. 🙂 So here you go:


The pattern on my thumb failed a bit because it was still a bit wet when I applied the top coat.. But it had failed about five times already because I’m so terrible at not doing anything while my nails dry. Should seriously consider the quick dry top coat. 😀


– Neridan

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