12. Saint George

After completely ruining my last nails by going to sleep before the polish had completely dried, I hit a series of failed attempts to take part in this weeks polishing challenge which was to do wrap nails. I tried and tried but only to notice that me and wrap nails don’t get along. At all. The results were just horrible. Never again.

So in my agony I dug up my new A-England Saint George to seek some comfort from it’s beautiful depths. And it definitely cheered me up. These polishes have been a dream to polish with, covering the nail almost with the first layer and preserving the color they have in the bottle.


To protect the nails, I used my sisters quick dry top coat Northern Lights by Inm. It. Was. Gorgeous. ❤ I have to find it somewhere and buy it ! It was the most beautiful holographic glitter topcoat I’ve ever seen. And it worked perfectly with Saint George. 

Although the nails were simple and beautiful as they were, I had to do some stamping. I stamped the pattern from Konads plate numer m63 with silver matte polish.


 – Neridan

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Comments on: "12. Saint George" (4)

  1. Dimavarien said:

    Northern Lights is made by Inm, not Seche Vite. 😉


  2. Such a pretty pattern! I love St George 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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