10. Gift of Sparkle

Ah, I’m finally home from my little vacation to the south. It’s nice to be back, although I had lots of fun seeing my old friends and shopping. I arrived to Helsinki last Thursday, and headed almost right away to CesarsShop, a heaven made for nail artists. The walls were covered with nail polishes and stamping plates, and I just wanted to stay there forever. I have never been in an actual nail accessory store, and the range of different polishes blew my mind. I drooled over the A-England shelf, because I’ve long dreamed of ordering those polishes, and couldn’t resist anymore. Also, Color Club being one of my favorite polish makers, I had to grab few polishes from them also.

The polishes I bought were Saint George and Dragon from A-England, and Gift of Sparkle and Wild and Willing from Color Club. I also bought two stampers, one soft and one hard. My old stamper has seen too many days and I think it was time for new one. I just couldn’t decide which one would be better so I took them both.

After Thursday, I visited Stage 142 (check out my last post for more details ^^) and then went back to Helsinki. I hang out with couple of my friend and went to see Frozen, the newest animation from Disney. I know that it has been out a long while, but I haven’t had anyone to go and watch it with me until now. And it was totally LE-GEN-DA-RY. Best animation I’ve ever seen and I’m and Disney enthusiast, so that’s a lot. The songs and the plot were brilliant and I’m never going to get Let It Go out of my head 😀 Maybe somewhere in the future I’ll do Frozen nails, although it has been quite a popular subject in nail blogs these days…
So, back to the polishes I bought. Or more precisely to Gift of Sparkle. I tried it out yesterday and it was as gorgeous on nail as it was in the bottle. It truly lives up to it’s name and sparkles so beautifully in the sunlight. ❤ But you have to combine it with a black base to get good results, by itself it takes too many layers to cover the nail properly. Also, you need a good top coat to make it come truly alive. More info about the other polishes coming soon 🙂
– Neridan

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