8. Silvery drops

So, I was trying to come up with an idea for this weeks challenge from Lakkaushaaste, but my mind was totally blank. The guideline was to use silver in your nail design. But after a ton of failed attempts, I decided to do something else. I’ve been aching to paint nails that show the natural color at the bottom, but the tips are colored with something. I my mind, Gina Tricots Alexis made an awesome combo with black  tips and some simple silver-colored pattern. And they did that on my nails too. :3


I’m not sure why I’m so overly the top fond of these nails. They somehow just look so beautiful in the light and fit my style perfectly ^_^ The pattern was a success and it looks like a silvery snow flakes or drops of rain on the surface. It’s sad that they don’t look as good as goon in the pictures as they do in the nature. The camera makes the surface to look somewhat bumpy and messy, but IRL it is really smooth.


The red Alexis – polish is one of my favorites ATM.  The color combination with light red and a little spray of gold among it is something that caught my eye the second I saw it.

And of course, the pattern is from Bundlemonster plate 404 ❤ It didn’t look so captivating on the plate but when you put it in the right design, it totally lights up. ^_^


Sorry for the crappy pictures this time, these nails didn’t handle the light so well.. I’m dreaming of buying a good lamp, so I could make justice to the colors the polishes have.. ATM many of them lose their something when being photographed in the light of my current lamp :/

– Neridan


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