“Colors last a lifetime ´n fade to gray…”

It’s time for the weekly nail polishing challenge entry from “Lakkaushaaste”. 🙂 This week we had to find inspiration from something we have heard – music, nature etc. It was so hard just to choose one song!  The ideas were streaming constantly to my head as I searched my music library. “I could do this! And that! And that and that!”

Finally I found a song that gave me the idea for these nails. It was Everything Fades To Gray from Sonata Arctica. I pictured ombre nails that faded from their colorful base to plain a gray color in my head. So I dug out my polishes and began working


First I put matte white polish to my nails, so that the colors would be more intensive. Then I used my basic makeup sponge to apply the colorful & gray polishes. Luckily I had chosen polishes of good quality, so the colors became smooth and clear after only couple of layers.

They still looked a bit naked, so I added a black pattern from Bundlemonsters plate 201. I expected it to fail miserably because the pattern was quite detailed, but against the odds it succeeded well (apart from the first stamping to my little finger that’s somewhat messy).


ImagePolishes I used:

  • Blue: w7 – Blue – Tini
  • Purple: O.P.I – Suzi & The 7 Düsseldorfs
  • Red: Wild & Mild – Primadonna
  • Orange: Orange Nails polish from Seppälä
  • Green: wet n wild – Sage in the City
  • Gray: Coral Prosilk – Matt Effect NO 407
  • Black: stamping polish from Konad
  • Base & Top coat: Sally Hansen – Diamond Shine

– Neridan


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