5. The Sapphire

Oh well, another nails, again… 😀 Third ones this week, but I couldn’t resist. One reason is probably that I want to keep my mind fixated on something else than my English matriculation exam on Friday. The other is that I’ve gotten a little bit too excited about blogging and Instagram, so I keep getting new and new ideas.. But back to the business


This time I wanted to try doing ombre nails. I had couple of failed tries because I wasn’t pleased with the color combinations. But there was one polish that caught my eye. It was Petrol from Gina Tricot. I applied it to the tip of my nails with a make-up sponge. I liked it’s texture; it required only two layers.



Then I prettified it a bit with Isadora’s Funky Sapphire and couple of Wild & Mild’s 3D Design Nail Stickers. Not sure if it’s a bit too much but what is done, is done. ^_^ I still love the way the Funky Sapphire shines in the light ❤ But I have a little l problem with the stickers, because the’re “3D” – I’m constantly picking them and trying to rip them of 😀 It takes my every inch of self-discipline to resist. I hope they’ll last a few days.. The base & top coat are from Sally Hansen, again.

 – Neridan


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