2. Dragon Age

This is officially the fist post about nail-art that I’ve ever written. So, what a good way to start this journey with nails inspired by one of my favorite game-series of all time: Dragon Age.

I recently joined a group on Facebook that has a weekly polishing challenge for its members. This weeks challenge was to use a polishing technique that’s new to you. I remembered once trying to use the technique, where you create splatters on your nail by using a straw; you dip it in the nail polish, and then blow to the other end of the straw to make the polish to splatter to your nails. Sadly, the first time I tried that, I failed miserably, ending up accidentally sucking the straw and not blowing it… And I can tell you, the polish didn’t taste very good.


But, I found the courage to try this task again, and this time I didn’t fail, hurayy! :3 First, I painted my nails with white, matte nailpolish (required two layer to get the satisfying surface), and then I made the splatter with Wild & Mild’s red polish named Primadonna. For the accent nail on my ring finger, I used the same polish to paint a figure that appears in the games and resembles a dragon.  I used Sally Hansen’s Diamond Shine -polish as the base & top coat. Though the process was quite messy (had to perform it in my bathroom to protect my precious keyboard) the resuls were, in my opinion, very good, and I’m really proud of these particular nails.

– Neridan


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